Pretty much the whole middle of 2016 was a blur; the rush to finish the rolling chassis at least to a point it would roll on it’s own wheels, get the body at least sitting on it and, oh, yes, pack the house and move from Bracknell to Northampton.   So, no pressure.   But, with… Read More

There has been work, on and off between fitting a new bathroom and trying to get the house ready for a move, oh and plan a holiday. Anyhow.. Since the last update I’ve disassembled the rear half shafts*, fully assembled the front near-side hub and fitted a temporary brake disc and wheel and drilled one… Read More

Now I have a deadline in sight (although I don’t have a definite date yet it looks like the car needs to be on it’s wheels before mid June at the latest) and a number of weeks taken up with the holiday of a lifetime driving Route 66, I’m putting as much time as I… Read More

Having had a hectic month or two with a lot of weekends away, planning a big holiday (that’s now only four weeks away with a lot of planning left to do!) progress has been slow but eventually I finished the dry run fitting, re-fitting, fettling and final fitting before taking everything apart for the final… Read More

Ball joints, indeed.  They turned out to be a bit of a head scratcher when fitting, but more about that later.. After poly-bushing the front lower wishbones I set about assembling the various other sub-assemblies that make up the front end; springs & shocks, bush & ball joint the upper wishbones etc, and pressed the… Read More

So although I’m only making slow progress, I will admit, I am at least making some progress now – and it feels great to be getting somewhere!   After dropping the Jag lower wishbones off at a local powder coater (MicroBlast Services in Windsor, who I can now recommend) last week I picked them up today… Read More

With the assistance of my better half’s father over the weekend, some more progress has been made on stripping the hubs down to a point they can go off to Wards for refurbishing. We pulled the bearing races off the front stub axles and the backing plates off the hubs – I think we’ll be… Read More

Being someone who is somewhat averse to speaking on the phone, I finally choked up the balls to call Ed Wards at Ward Engineering on Friday to enquire as to the price of the bits I need to completely refurbish the front & rear hub carriers, hubs and handbrake mechanism – ignoring the brake callipers,… Read More

On the suggestion of a post over on I decided that it would be a good idea to strip the rear hubs down to component parts (as far as easily possible, anyway) to make posting easier – largely so that the slightly butchered rear disc splash shields could come off as they’ll make everything… Read More